What Can You Learn From Industry Leaders

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What Can You Learn From Industry Leaders

I recently had the opportunity to speak to our leadership team in Canada. We discussed the specific traits that would make a company a "thought leader". 


Is it the technology?

Is it the leadership team?

Is it the customer base? 


Harry had a great answer: 


"Today’s Technology leaders like RyanTech, understands that businesses look for more than product and services. RyanTech engages businesses with innovative, technology leading products and services."


"RyanTech understand that technology, innovation and businesses needs are important to drive strategic change in client’s organizations."


"With the fast pace of technology, RyanTech understands this is the new constant. The key to success is knowing how to keep pace on a global scale, to nurture and develop value add across our industry that the result is a satisfied customer with the exact solutions to run their business successfully."


When choosing partners, software vendors and local system integrators - what are the main things you look for? 







What are the things that are important to your business?

by Kolby Kolibas, Harry Zgnilek

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