Cloud Products to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Cloud Products to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience? Whether you're selling online or offline, the ability to deliver a seamless digital shopping experience is the key to improving customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

With today's technologies, even businesses with a limited budget can tap into the power of cloud computing to deliver an outstanding customer experience that will increase conversion, engagement, and retention.

Here are some cloud products you should consider:

1. Customer WiFi

Today's consumers expect WiFi access anywhere they go, from restaurants and retail stores to supermarkets and airports. Providing the right amenities can keep customers coming back to your business and improve customer loyalty.

Beside meeting customer expectations and attracting more traffic, customer WiFi also gives you the opportunity to communicate and build relationships with your customers. 


With a cloud-based WiFi solution, you can create a splash page where users are asked to take certain actions (e.g., opting into your email list or liking your Facebook page) in order to access the service. You can then use the information to keep in touch with your customers and promote relevant offers via channels such as email and social media to augment the customer experience both online and offline.

2. Mobile App

Mobile commerce is on the rise. In fact, m-commerce sales are predicted to make up 44.7% of the total U.S. e-commerce sales in 2019.


Having a mobile app not only helps online retailers generate more revenue but also enable brick-and-mortar businesses to stay connected with their customers and drive more traffic to their locations. You can create a personalized shopping experience via a mobile app by delivering dynamic content and targeted offers to improve customer satisfaction.

For example, using mobile-specific features (e.g., push notifications, SMS, and location services), you can leverage geo-fencing technology to share timely offers when a customer is near your store delivering a seamless and relevant omnichannel customer experience. 

The good news is, with cloud-based mobile app development, you can have a mobile app developed and deployed in no time on an SMB-friendly budget and stand out from your competition.

3. Business Operation Solution

A siloed and inefficient business operation (e.g., in areas such as inventory management, team collaboration, order processing, or customer support) can affect your ability to deliver quality and responsive service, which in turn, will directly impact your brand's customer experience.

You can now simplify business processes by leveraging cloud applications, such as Outlook 365 and SharePoint Calendars, to coordinate and manage your operation to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve communication. 

In addition, a cloud-based solution allows your employees to communicate and collaborate from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can streamline your operation with workflow automation and free up your team to focus on serving your customers.

Augment Customer Experience With Cloud-Based Applications

Because you can get all the latest features updated on your behalf as part of the cloud-based service, you can stay on top of consumer expectations and deliver outstanding customer experience without having to worry about updating your software or installing new applications.

You can also reduce overhead cost by eliminating a significant amount of on-premise IT infrastructure and the ongoing expense of hiring a large IT team.

In addition, cloud continuity helps you minimize business downtime, which can result in missed opportunities, lost revenue, eroded trust, and a frustrating customer experience. Most cloud providers also offer comprehensive backup and recovery plans to prevent the loss of customer information, which is highly valuable in today's data-driven business environment.

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