About RyanTech


1. Microsoft Partner: experts in our field, recognized by Microsoft.

2. U.S. Based Support Team: we are always here to help, with a real team of experts based in the U.S.

3. 20+ Years of Experience: with 20+ years of experience comes expertise and we offer free consulting to our clients.

4. 100% Customer Satisfaction: our goal is to bring you success at a 100% satisfaction rating.

5. Technology We Believe in: we don't use or develop software and tools we wouldn't use ourselves.

About RyanTech

RyanTech is a different kind of technology company. Our focus on what we believe in is what separates us in the technology sector. There's a reason we don't charge to hear out your idea, or to discuss if something is viable. We aren't interested in projects, application developments, or customers just for the paycheck. We are interested in your success.

As Microsoft's Partner of the Year in different categories 3 of the last 5 years, we are always working to learn more and provide more for our clients every day. Let's Talk


"The customer service is not only amazing, it's immediate."

- Jose Ortiz, Absolute Data

“I’ve been in this business a very long time and it’s rare to find a company that is equipped like RyanTech. The leadership provided and follow through from the team are a breath of fresh air. I’ll be continuing to move our company to RyanTech in the future with pride.”

- Jason Stevens, Whereable Technologies

"RyanTech was a great move for us. They provide a seamless and easy email migration and the support is second to none. We are very pleased that we made the move to RyanTech."

- Shane Schuenemeyer, Lindsay Auto Group

“After working through many system migrations, I was gratified that Patrick Hawksley, Kevin McMillen and the rest of the RyanTech support team were so knowledgeable and professional. With their assistance we migrated over 500 users in the Curry Automotive group of 10 dealerships and 11 individual email domains to Microsoft Exchange with active directory integration. Additionally RyanTech is currently supporting us in our Office365 initiative where we are moving from locally shared spreadsheets and documents to MS SharePoint and team collaboration. I would recommend RyanTech for any similar IT project in a heartbeat."

- Bruce F. Weinberg Director - Information Technology, Curry Management Corp

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